Test Framework Integration

Visual testing for Cypress

Learn how to integrate Percy with your Cypress end-to-end tests and watch our joint webinar.


Webinar: Cypress.io + Percy = End-to-end functional and visual testing for the web



How it works

Cypress makes it easy to set up and run end-to-end functional tests for anything that runs in a browser. Percy integrates seamlessly with your Cypress test suite giving you a complete platform to review every visual change in your app–just add Percy snapshots to your existing scripts!


1: Install and import @percy/cypress

2: Add cy.percySnapshot(); to your Cypress tests where you want visual coverage

3: Whenever snapshots are called, Percy captures DOM snapshots to render

4: Snapshots are grouped into Percy builds and visual diffs are highlighted for your team to review

For a more in-depth look at adding Percy snapshots to your Cypress tests, check out our set up documentation.

See the documentation

Cypress tests run

The features that make it happen

Tap into these powerful Percy features and more with our Cypress integration

Cross-browser snapshots

By highlighting visual diffs caused by rendering subtleties, Percy’s cross-browser rendering technology ensures that your application looks exactly like it should in your customers’ favorite browsers.

Responsive diffs

Percy renders snapshots across as many responsive breakpoint widths as you want, enabling you to catch mobile bugs long before they make it into production.

Review workflow

Percy works seamlessly with your existing workflow by integrating with GitHub or GitLab. Get notified each time a visual change is detected, and when a build is approved by a teammate. 

Run your tests locally or in CI

Percy is designed to work with your CI/CD provider to integrate seamlessly with your existing test suite. We support all the popular services, and have built-in support for tests run in parallelized suites.


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