Customer story

How Dollar Shave Club reduces the risk of visual regressions with visual testing


Percy has helped the Dollar Shave Club team make visual reviews more foolproof and integrated into their existing processes and tools.


The challenge

Dollar Shave Club’s growing team of developers has to keep up with the speed of their growing business while maintaining the quality of their digital products. Their extensive CI and test frameworks help them ensure that their websites work from a functional perspective each time code is released. That level of confidence didn’t extend to how their site looked.  

As an e-commerce business, DSC relies on their external facing web properties to not only function as intended, but look perfect as well; they know how each element impacts their business.


"At Dollar Shave Club, our frontend UI team is committed to delivering quality interfaces and Percy folds neatly into our workflow. Now engineers are able to more confidently deploy to production, giving us another stop-gap for preventing both visual and technical regressions."

Jacob Kelley, Engineering Manager, Frontend UI at DSC

The solution

Percy worked with Dollar Shave Club to integrate automated visual reviews into their extensive processes, frameworks, and libraries. The extra level of automation gives their team control over preventable mistakes while saving time and resources.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Dollar Shave Club…

  • Implemented an automated visual testing solution to give their growing engineering team an extra a level of visual confidence
  • Saved time spent manually testing code across screen widths with Percy’s automated responsive diffs
  • Ensured that their entire UI not only functioned correctly but looked exactly as designed before each and every deploy
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