Customer story

How Canva utilizes visual testing for confidence in every product update

Learn how Canva implemented an automated visual testing solution to replace manual QA workflows and make visual reviews a seamless part of code reviews.


The challenge

Throughout Canva’s growth, their engineering teams have had to simultaneously optimize deployment efficiency while maintaining product quality. Test automation has been crucial to that balance, helping them write and deploy code that reliably functions as expected. Maintaining the visual integrity of their application, however, remained a manual and unsustainable task.


"Some things can’t be easily tested with unit tests and integration tests, and we didn’t want to maintain a visual regression testing solution ourselves. Percy has given us more confidence when making sweeping changes across UI components and helps us avoid those changes when they are not meant to happen."

Joscha Feth, Engineer at Canva

The solution

With automated visual testing, Canva’s entire engineering and product teams now have insight into how their UI is impacted every time their product is updated. Applying the same automation culture to the appearance of their UI helps them maintain consistency, especially as new developers join the team.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Canva…

  • Optimized their existing engineering processes by replacing manual UI reviews with automated visual testing
  • Got insight into every visual change on every pull request with Percy’s two-way GitHub integration
  • Leveraged Percy’s cross-browser visual testing solution to cut down time spent testing their designs across Firefox and Chrome
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